Mountain biker knocked off bike by trail sabotage

A mountain biker was knocked off his bike riding in North Nibley woods on Tuesday afternoon when he came over a jump to find the trail ahead deliberately blocked by corrugated iron. 

Joseph Riddle was biking in Nibley Woods with his friends when he encountered the blockage. 

His mother, Debbie, said that the placement of the obstruction was a deliberate act, and that when Joseph and his friends had been riding the trial earlier in the day it hadn’t been there. 

“Someone had gone along to the trail while they had stopped for a drink and put a piece of scrap iron over the trail. 

“It was stood up, right at the lip of this roll-over. He got smacked off his bike – luckily he got away with cuts and bruises, but the bike itself had a huge chunk torn out of the carbon fibre frame.

“I have contacted the police as this was no accident.

“The biking community tries to be considerate of other people using the woods, but they can’t be safe if people think the trails are there to be sabotaged and abused.”

The chunk of scrap metal was place directly on the bike trail.

Debbie added that previous incidents had included somebody blocking a trail by suspending a long branch between two trees at head height. 

“This is something that’s going to seriously hurt somebody. There is a massive mountain biking community in North Nibley and there has been for years.

“Since the lockdown, there have been some people who feel that the woods should only be for walkers. 

“I don’t think they have realised what damage they could do to the trail or to the people using it. I can’t imagine any reason people feel like doing this.”

If you know anything about these incidents, or if you’re a North Nibley resident who feels the mountain biking community has too much use of the woods and feel your voice isn’t heard, you can get in contact with us at 07932 377023 or at to give your side of the story. We’d like to help with putting some dialogue in motion so that the people who are determinedly blocking these trails can negotiate their way through this before someone gets seriously hurt.