‘Ridiculous’ driver behaviour slammed following spate of road closures

Tempers are flaring over ‘ridiculous’ driver behaviour in Wotton-under-Edge.

And one anonymous resident has stepped in by pasting a sign to a bollard on Symn Lane demanding “bigfoot” drivers slow down.

The 20mph-restricted lane, providing rear access to Wotton’s centre and side streets, has seen a sharp spike in traffic volumes in the wake of road closures elsewhere in Wotton for essential works.

And with many drivers clearly becoming impatient, one apparently frustrated driver of a black VW Polo headed the WRONG WAY down Long Street on Wednesday afternoon, mounting the pavement and causing pedestrians to jump out of his way.

Berkeley resident Sue Ballinger told the Wotton Times: “I was coming around the corner from Church Street and came face to face with a young man in a Polo speeding towards me with two wheels up on the pavement. I thought he was going to hit me or kill anyone in his way.

“I wish I’d have dash cam footage but what are the chances of police following this up? They seem unsure where Wotton even is.”

Steph Joynson, who lives in Venns Acre, says she and fellow mothers have formed a WhatsApp group to monitor traffic safety. Symn Lane has become more dangerous over the summer since lockdown eased, she said.

“It’s getting ridiculous, since the building work re-started on the Chipping Surgery and the road became more congested.

“I don’t think our councillors realise the reality of driver behaviour here. They voted for more houses and a new car park in Symn Lane, which is only going to add to the risks for our children. The twenty limit is just a joke, so whoever posted the sign is speaking up for all of us.”